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About us


Our mission is to build your home with the same quality we would build for ourselves.  To make your dream a reality.  To make your house plans, your home plan.


Lautz Lassig custom-built homes are constructed using the highest quality suppliers and materials. We have an established, reputable team and use top-notch products to build your home.


In the fall of 1984, John and Nancy Lautz started a small building company under the name of John Lautz, General Contracting. Six months later, they hired their first employee. Paul (Stretch) Mendell is still with the firm today. John always stress learning about and using the lasted building science. In 1996 the firm was one of the first in the area to designed and built a “super insulated”, 2×6 frame home. Building on this reputation, the firm went on to build some of the most energy efficient homes in the coulee region.

In 1991 the firm was incorporated into Lautz Custom Builders, Inc. The name may have changed but the commitment to service and innovation remained the same. Working to keep up on new products and information is important but change for the sake of change was not part of the equation. “If we are going to stand behind our work, we want to make sure it’s done right.” Most of our customers are well educated on new construction trends and technology. If we don’t stay on top of the items that interest them, we will lose them.

Kraig Lassig started working with Al Bushek building custom houses in 1990.  Lautz Custom Builders Inc. and Bushek Construction Inc. would often help each other on various projects through the years. In 2010 Kraig started Lassig Development LLC and began to build on his own.

John Lautz and Kraig Lassig had worked together on a number of projects over the years. Finding themselves thinking alike with the same commitment to detail and customer service, a bond was formed. After 34 years in the construction business, John and Nancy were looking to spend more time together and with their grandchildren. Working closer together with Kraig made sense and Lautz Lassig Custom Builders was formed in 2014. Both have always worked to set themselves apart without being the focus of attention. The focus is always on the needs and desires of the customer. Being innovative is important but it has to be a benefit to the final outcome. We will work to build the best product we can but we know it will be home to a special family. We want it right so it will benefit the family for years to come and we want them to have fun as we build their dream.

If you want the best in innovation and construction quality, join the many satisfied consumers throughout the coulee region that have had their home or remodel project completed by us. Contact Lautz Lassig Custom Builders. Our goal will be to build you the best product we can and help you have fun doing so.

Working with a local, family owned builder I think made our experience much better. 

They understood what we wanted, helped us make some adjustments and we love that we have a home…not a house. 

Thank you Lautz Lassig!